Menopause Group Coaching: Reclaim Your Power

Reclaim Your Power: Solution-Focused Group Coaching for Women Embracing Menopause with Confidence and Resilience.

Reclaim Your Power

The Reclaim Your Power group is a solution-focused menopause group coaching programme specifically designed for women going through the menopause transition. It aims to provide women support, guidance, and empowerment as they navigate the physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and lifestyle changes associated with menopause.

This group is ideal for women in midlife seeking practical solutions and strategies to effectively manage menopause symptoms, enhance their wellbeing, and embrace this transformative stage of life with confidence and resilience.

Group Support

Through interactive group discussions, expert guidance, goal-setting exercises, and peer support, the programme aims to help women develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their evolving identity of who and where they want to be. You will be supported to overcome challenges, explore new possibilities, and create a fulfilling and purposeful life during and after menopause.

The focus is on fostering personal growth, optimising health and wellness, nurturing self-care practices, and building a supportive network of like-minded women on a similar journey.

Ultimately, the group aims to empower women to reclaim their power, embrace their unique strengths, and thrive during the menopause transition and beyond.

Group menopause coaching

Key Benefits of the Reclaim Your Power Menopause Support Group

Peer Support

Group coaching provides a supportive community of women going through similar experiences. It offers a safe space to share your challenges, concerns, and triumphs with others who can relate.

Shared Knowledge and Resources

Group coaching allows you to gain insights and learn from each other’s experiences. You will share valuable information, resources, and strategies for managing menopause symptoms, career transitions, or personal growth with my guidance as your coach.

Accountability and Motivation

Being a part of a group coaching programme provides accountability and motivation. You will set goals, track progress, and receive encouragement from both the coach and your peers, leading to increased motivation and commitment to personal growth.

Expanded Perspectives and Insights

Group coaching exposes you to different perspectives and insights from diverse individuals. This diversity can foster creativity, spark new ideas, and provide alternative approaches to problem-solving and finding solutions.

Increased Self-Awareness and Empowerment

Through group coaching, you will develop a deeper understanding of who you are, your strengths, and areas for growth. You will gain greater self-awareness, build confidence, and feel empowered to navigate the challenges of menopause or midlife with resilience and grace.

Further Information About Menopause Group Coaching

Key Features
  • Tailored Content: Group coaching designed explicitly for menopausal or midlife women, offering content and resources that address your unique needs, concerns, and challenges. You will actively influence the content discussed and shared as a group member.
  • Expert guidance: I have in-depth knowledge and expertise in menopause, midlife transitions, and personal development and will provide valuable advice and support. However, you are the expert on your own transition and will ultimately empower yourself to develop and grow from the group coaching experience.
  • Structured Sessions: The sessions will include group discussions, individual reflections, goal-setting exercises, and skill-building activities to ensure a comprehensive learning and growth experience. With my guidance as your coach, the group members will determine this structure’s content.
  • Interactive Group Dynamics: Group coaching encourages active participation and interaction among the members.
  • Ongoing Support and Community: You will be invited to join a private online group for support, resources, discussion and community outside of the planned coaching sessions.
Group Format
  • The Reclaim Your Power coaching group will take place over eight weeks and is conducted as a live session over Zoom.
  • There will be a maximum of eight participants. This allows everyone to feel safe, seen and heard and to build and foster close, supportive relationships.
  • Due to the personal nature of the content and multiple people sharing their personal experiences, the sessions will not be recorded.
  • There is a waitlist for this programme.
  • The investment for this programme is £597.
This coaching group is for you if:
  • You are a woman in menopause or midlife feeling frustrated by suffering in silence or drowning in the constant chatter about menopause in the media.
  • You’ve joined multiple social media support groups, shared your story and sought guidance, only to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of experiences from other women in the group who are just as desperate for answers.
  • You feel caught in a downward spiral of negativity and find it hard to connect with the voices of celebrities who champion their own stories.

Take a breath, pause and know that my Reclaim Your Power solution-focused group coaching is perfect for you.

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