Midlife Mosaic – Menopause Coaching Programme

Midlife Mosaic is a personalised, holistic menopause coaching programme tailored to your specific needs and goals.

The Midlife Mosaic Menopause Coaching Programme

The onset of menopause is different for every woman. The transition is marked by several symptoms believed to be caused by hormonal fluctuations. Symptoms may include hot flushes, night sweats, heavy or irregular periods, mood swings, insomnia or many other issues. These symptoms are signs of your body adjusting to hormonal fluctuations but do not have to define your experience.

Menopause is not a medical condition or a disease, although it is often portrayed as such! It is a natural phase, part of the life cycle.

It is about more than just the decline of the reproductive hormones. It is about change, about transition. About finding a new balance. A new normal. A new way of being.

Beyond the Symptoms of Menopause

The Midlife Mosaic Menopause Coaching Programme is designed to help you navigate beyond the symptoms of menopause to gain understanding, educate yourself and embrace your unique transition with courage and confidence. It is designed to enable you to achieve that new balance.

Depending on your attitude, midlife can be a crisis, or it can be an opportunity.

Midlife and menopause

Key Benefits of the Midlife Mosaic Coaching Programme


Opportunity to share your personal experience and feel safe, valued and heard in a non-judgemental, confidential space.


Embrace your unique transition and release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.


Identify your needs and strengths, developing self-awareness, self-acceptance and trust.


Understand your symptoms, connect with your body and learn to listen to what it needs.


Manage your symptoms to improve your quality of life and boost your wellbeing


Understand the options and choices available, make well-informed decisions as the expert on your midlife transition.


Process and release emotions in a healthy way so you feel empowered and able to express yourself effectively, having the courage to speak out and make things happen.


Cultivate positive relationships with yourself and others so they understand how to support you.


Create a vision for a future that aligns with your values and desires and integrate your new midlife identity with confidence.


Devise and build wellness routines into your daily life to boost energy and feel connected.


Create a Midlife Map to use as a dynamic tool throughout your midlife transition and to thrive into older age.


Have the tools and resources in place to adapt and overcome future challenges with ease.

Further Information

Programme Structure

Midlife Mosaic is a personalised, holistic menopause coaching programme that draws on various modalities tailored to your unique experience. It consists of thirteen weekly coaching sessions delivered over Zoom, which cover a framework of six modules.

  • Module one: Pausemind
  • Module two: Breathebody
  • Module three: Createembody
  • Module four: Connectintegrate
  • Module five: Balanceembrace
  • Module six: Reviveenergise

During the Midlife Mosaic menopause coaching programme, you will create a menopause vision statement, conduct a lifestyle audit, and develop your own personalised “Midlife Map”. This map will consist of two sections: wellbeing and relationships.

At the end of the thirteen weeks, you will feel confident to combine all of this to live out your vision.

Key Features

  • Personalised midlife coaching programme tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  • Weekly one-to-one coaching sessions via Zoom.
  • Access exclusive resources to support your journey, such as meditation scripts/audio, workbooks, journaling prompts, etc.
  • Ongoing support and accountability to help you stay on track.
  • Access to an online group of like-minded women who understand your experience.
  • Sessions can be recorded for you to keep and re-watch.


The investment for the Midlife Mosaic Menopause Coaching Programme is £1,500. Once payment is received, you will receive a contract and a questionnaire to complete and sign.

If you are fed up feeling overwhelmed by your midlife challenges and hormonal fluctuations resulting in a myriad of symptoms.

If you are ready to decide how to live the rest of your life.

If you want to feel confident and back in control.

The Midlife Mosaic Coaching Programme is here for you.

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