Tarot Coaching for Menopause

A five-week programme for women navigating their menopause journey and midlife challenges, exploring the connection between tarot and this transition.

Why Tarot Coaching for Menopause?

As you transition through your menopause and midlife challenges, you may face many physical, emotional and cognitive changes.

On a deeper level, you may be experiencing spiritual transformation, and this is where Tarot Coaching for Menopause can help you connect to your inner wisdom and embrace your unique transition.

With its rich symbolism and intuitive guidance, the tarot can serve as a valuable tool to support and empower you through this challenging and enlightening time.

If you combine tarot with solution-focused coaching for your menopause transition, you will gain clarity, find solace, and embark on a path of self-discovery and personal growth.

Tarot Coaching for Menopause supports you on a deeper level and connects you to your renewed sense of purpose.

Creative Menopause Coaching with Tarot

Tarot Coaching for Menopause is for guidance and personal growth only. It is not designed to be a predictive tool and is subject to your interpretation.

Key Benefits of Using Tarot as a Creative Tool During Coaching

Self-reflection and insight

Tarot cards are a powerful tool for gaining insight into our thoughts, emotions and experiences during menopause. They unlock the deeper aspects of self and enable you to gain a deeper understanding and connection.

Emotional support

Menopause can be a challenging and emotionally turbulent time for many women. Tarot can help you to navigate your emotions, address your fears and concerns, and find inner strength and resilience.

Decision-making and clarity

Tarot coaching can assist you in making decisions related to wellbeing, relationships, career, and personal life during menopause. The cards can provide clarity and perspective, helping you better understand your options and potential outcomes. This can lead to more informed decision-making and a sense of empowerment.

Holistic approach

Tarot is an amazing tool which can be integrated into a holistic approach to navigating menopause. By combining tarot with coaching and other techniques, such as mindfulness, journaling and self-care practices, you can benefit from a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to managing your transition.

Empowerment and self-discovery

Tarot coaching can empower you by promoting self-discovery, personal growth, and self-empowerment. Engaging with the cards and exploring their meanings can unlock hidden potentials, inspire creativity, and foster a sense of purpose and direction during this transformative phase in your life.

Further Information

Key Features
  • Symbolic language. Tarot cards provide a rich symbolic language that evokes a deeper meaning in the subconscious mind. The imagery and archetypes in the cards are used to explore complex emotions, challenges, and experiences associated with your menopause. This allows for a more nuanced and holistic coaching approach.
  • Intuitive guidance. Tarot cards reveal patterns, hidden influences, and potential outcomes, offering guidance and direction. This intuitive guidance can support you in making informed decisions and taking empowering actions.
  • Personalised interpretation. Each tarot card has multiple layers of meaning, and the interpretation of the cards will be tailored to you as an individual client. As your coach, I will guide you in exploring the cards’ messages concerning your specific menopause experiences, challenges, goals and vision for your life.
  • Reflection and self-exploration. Creative coaching with tarot encourages self-reflection and self-exploration. Connecting with the cards will give you insight into your emotions, beliefs, and desires related to menopause and midlife. The cards act as a mirror, allowing you to delve into your inner world and better understand yourself.
  • Empowerment and ownership. Tarot coaching empowers you to take ownership of your unique transition. By actively engaging with the cards and the coaching process, interpreting what comes up for you and integrating this into your journey, you will become an active agent of your growth and transformation. The insights you gain will inspire confidence, resilience and a sense of wellbeing.
  • You will be sent a tarot card deck through the post. This will allow you to connect with your cards and participate actively during the coaching sessions.
  • Weekly one-to-one creative coaching tarot sessions via Zoom lasting 90 minutes each.
  • Recordings of these sessions.
  • Resources to support you through your creative journey, including workbooks, images, affirmations, journal prompts, etc., are all personalised to your experience and the cards that come up during the coaching sessions.

The investment for Tarot Coaching for Menopause is £937.50. Once payment is received, you will be sent a contract to read and sign. You will also be sent a questionnaire to complete at least 48 hours before our first session. A parcel, including a tarot deck, will be sent to you in the post.

Is this the Right Course For Me?

Tarot Coaching for Menopause is the right course for you if you are a woman in midlife or menopause ready to trust the wisdom of the cards and your intuition. Now is the time to embrace all of the aspects of you on all levels: physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual.

Explore how tarot coaching can tap into your inner wisdom, enabling you to navigate the ups and downs of menopause and embrace the transformative potential that this phase in life brings.

Want to Find Out More?

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