Client Testimonials

What’s it like to work with me? Here are some thoughts from my clients.

I would like to express gratitude to Terri for being an amazing coach and helping me to finally find courage and make a decision regarding my career.


Terri’s Midlife Mosaic coaching has enabled me to reframe my thoughts and feelings about the transition phase of peri-menopause and menopause.

Through working with Terri, I have moved from a position of pessimism and mourning to feelings of positivity and excitement; embracing the opportunities that come with a new life phase through education, vision, and open, non-judgemental discussion.

From doors closing to stepping excitedly through doors that are newly opened. Being supported by a high-quality, well-informed programme with an empathetic, expert practitioner, I thoroughly recommend the Midlife Mosaic Programme for anyone at or approaching this stage of life.


Being coached by Terri has led me to action and achieve more than I ever thought possible. Terri’s warm approach always makes me feel safe, seen and heard. She is naturally empathetic and expertly uses her skills and intuition to allow me to safely reveal what is actually going on for me underneath the surface.


I had a tarot session with Terri, and genuinely, it wasn’t like any I’ve had before with others where they’ve been ‘nice’, but I forgot about them straight after. I felt like Terri connected with my soul, and the cards she pulled were so powerful. The way she explained them to me and how they relate to my life was so beautiful, and I felt like deeply buried parts of me were uncovered and shown to me. I felt empowered, taken care of and seen for who I am.


Terri managed to get me to think through some of my limiting beliefs and whilst not actually directing me in one way or another in our discussions the right path seemed to just open up and appear clear. I was motivated, charged and making great progress, I felt re-energised to pursue new goals and quit procrastinating.


The experience of guided meditation with Terri has brought me clarity, which in turn brings an inner calm. We started with a focus on specific issues, but the work has impacted more widely with a focus on self and finding answers. The feelings brought about from the experience of coaching with Terri are powerful, leaving me feeling lifted and with a sense of clarity. Terri’s warmth, manner and skills as a coach are wonderful.

Coaching with Terri and her beautiful tarot cards brought a focus, questions, and opened up new areas of thought and focus


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