Are you a woman in midlife or menopause?

Do you feel your symptoms and challenges negatively impact your quality of life?

You Are Not Alone

I’m Terri Regent, a Midlife and Menopause Coach. Midlife is a critical period where our bodies change, and new challenges appear. Having the courage to take control right now will define how you live the rest of your life—embracing the changes rather than resisting them.

We often underestimate how much we can control or influence our menopause symptoms.

When you can listen to your body, take a breath or pause to work out what it is that your body needs, it can become an opportunity for self-discovery, body connectedness, emotional release and personal transformation.

Terri Regent Menopause Coach

My mission is to change the way you feel about your midlife and menopause so you can embrace your unique transition and experience natural wellbeing.

Explore My Menopause Coaching Services

Menopause Symptoms Solution Session
Menopause Symptoms Solution Session

During a two-hour transformational coaching session, we listen to your needs, plan solutions, and tackle your most urgent challenges. Start your journey today. 

Midlife Mosaic Menopause Coaching Programme
Midlife Mosaic Coaching Programme

A thirteen-week personalised, holistic coaching programme tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Menopause coaching with tarot
Tarot Coaching for Menopause

A five-week programme for women navigating their menopause journey and midlife challenges, exploring the connection between tarot and this transition.

Group Coaching: Reclaim Your Power
Group Coaching Programme

Reclaim Your Power: a solution-focused coaching group for women embracing menopause with confidence and resilience.

About Me

My Menopause Journey

My transition through menopause was a solitary one, being a single woman and a sole trader.

Unaware of perimenopause, I battled frequent migraines and heavy, irregular bleeding for years. At each doctor visit, I was offered medication with no mention of why these symptoms were happening.

My mental health declined, affecting my sleep and energy. Determined not to take medication, I decided to research how to have a natural and informed menopause transition. Now I’m symptom-free, medication-free, and equipped to balance body and mind.

Join me to discover insights and solutions for your menopause journey, emerging with newfound confidence and wellbeing.

Terri Regent, Midlife and Menopause Coach

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Let’s navigate your transformative journey together with expert insights and support from Terri Regent.

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